Index of values

( * ) [Diagrams.Vector]
( ** ) [Geometry.Geo3d]
( ** ) [Geometry.Geo2d]
( *+ ) [Geometry.Geo3d]
( *+ ) [Geometry.Geo2d]
( *^ ) [Geometry.Geo3d]
(+) [Diagrams.Vector]
(+) [Diagrams.Point]
(++) [Geometry.Geo3d]
(++) [Geometry.Geo2d]
(++) [Distance]
(-) [Diagrams.Vector]
(-) [Diagrams.Point]
(--) [Geometry.Geo3d]
(--) [Geometry.Geo2d]
(--) [Distance]
(/) [Diagrams.Point]
(<>) [Diagrams.Vector]
_names [Document]
_user_positions [Document]

above [Diagrams.Edge]
aboveL [Diagrams.Edge]
aboveR [Diagrams.Edge]
acurve_update [Diagrams]
add_allprofile [Distance]
add_dprofile [Distance]
add_env_hook [Document]
add_features [Document]
add_intersections [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
add_pqprofile [Distance]
add_qprofile [Distance]
adjust_space [Maths]
adjust_width [Document]
adjusted_asana_delimiters [Maths]
adjusted_asana_delimiters' [Maths]
adjusted_euler_delimiters [Maths]
advance_parabola [Distance]
alegreya_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
alegreya_variants [ConfigFindFont]
all_contents [Box]
all_intersections [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
alphabetic [Numerals]
altStates [Document]
alternative [Document]
ams [Maths]
ams_font [Maths]
anchor [Diagrams.Entity]
angle [Diagrams.Vector]
app_default [Diagrams]
append [Diagrams.Transfo.Pet]
apply_head [Maths]
approx [Offset]
area [Distance]
array [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.Arr.Make]
array [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
array_last [Diagrams]
array_update [Diagrams]
array_update_last [Diagrams]
arrow [Diagrams.Edge]
arrow' [Diagrams.Edge]
asana [Maths]
asana_font [Maths]

bB [Document]
badness [Document]
base_arrow [Diagrams.Edge]
bbFont [DefaultMacros]
beginFigure [Document]
below [Diagrams.Edge]
belowL [Diagrams.Edge]
belowR [Diagrams.Edge]
bendLeft [Diagrams.Edge]
bendRight [Diagrams.Edge]
between_borders [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.Arr]
between_centers [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
between_centers [Diagrams.Matrix]
bezier_evaluate [Diagrams.Curve]
bezier_linear_length [Diagrams.Curve]
bezier_of_boxes [Document]
bezier_of_point_list [Diagrams.Curve]
bezier_profile [Distance]
bin [Maths]
bin_invisible [Maths]
binomial [DefaultMacros]
bissectrice [Distance]
bitstreamverasans_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
bitstreamverasans_variants [ConfigFindFont]
black [Diagrams.Edge]
bold [Document]
bool_coding [Db]
Coding boolean as strings "true" and "false".
box_interval [Box]
box_size [Box]
box_to_string [Box]
box_width [Box]
boxes_interval [Box]
boxify [Document]
Converts a list of contents into a list of boxes, which is the next Patoline layer.
boxify_scoped [Document]
The same as boxify, but discards the final environment.
button [Document]
button_name [Document]

cal [DefaultMacros]
caml [DefaultMacros]
carrier [Distance]
categorize [Euler]
cavaliere30bg [Proj3d]
cavaliere45bd [Proj3d]
cavaliere45bg [Proj3d]
cavaliere45hd [Proj3d]
cavaliere45hg [Proj3d]
cavaliere60bd [Proj3d]
cavaliere60bg [Proj3d]
cavaliere60hd [Proj3d]
cavaliere60hg [Proj3d]
center [Diagrams.Node.BB]
centers [Diagrams.Matrix]
cev [DefaultMacros]
changeFont [Euler]
change_env [Document]
change_font [Document]
change_fonts [Maths]
child [Document]
Take a zipper pointing to a node and move it down its i-th child.
circle [Diagrams.Node]
cliptip [Diagrams.Edge]
coef_inter_lines [Distance]
colomnMatrix [DefaultMacros]
color [Document]
color [Diagrams.Edge]
comblin [Distance]
comp [Box]
compare [Distance.Distance_data]
compare [Distance.Profile_data]
compare [Break.OrderedHashableType]
compare_lt [Diagrams.Curve]
compose [Euler]
compression [Box]
compute_intersections [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
connect [DbMemory]
connect [Db.DbInterface]
Connecting to a database with the given database information
content [Maths.Custom]
contents [Maths]
contents [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
contents [Diagrams.Matrix]
contents [Diagrams.Node]
contents_box [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
contents_box [Diagrams.Matrix]
contents_box [Diagrams.Node]
contents_output [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
contents_output [Diagrams.Matrix]
coord [Diagrams.Node]
coord [Diagrams]
coord3d [Diagrams.Node]
coord3d [Diagrams]
coordinate [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
cramp [Maths]
create_data [DbMemory]
create_data [Db.DbInterface]
curvilinear [Diagrams.Curve]
custom [Maths.Mk_Custom]
cut [Distance]
cut' [Distance]

dashed [Diagrams.Edge]
db [Db.DbInstance]
dblArrow [Diagrams.Edge]
debug [Distance]
debug_addpro [Distance]
debug_bissectrice [Distance]
debug_kerning [Maths]
debug_mediatrice [Distance]
debug_union [Distance]
decoration_to_contents [Diagrams.Edge]
decoration_to_contents [Diagrams.Node]
default [PageLayout]
default [Euler]
default [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
default [Diagrams.Matrix]
default [Diagrams.Node]
defaultEnv [Document.Format]
defaultLabelStyle [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
default_coding [Db]
Default polymorphic coding, using OCaml Marshal module, escaped using base64.
default_deco [Diagrams]
default_edge_info [Diagrams.Edge]
default_env [Euler]
default_env2 [Euler]
default_line_width [Diagrams]
default_matrix_node_anchor [Diagrams.Matrix]
default_matrix_node_style [Diagrams.Matrix]
default_new_page [PageLayout]
default_params [Diagrams.Edge]
default_params [Diagrams.Node]
default_params [Box]
default_rectangle [Diagrams.Node]
default_tip_info [Diagrams.Edge]
default_where [Diagrams]
dejavusans_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
dejavusans_variants [ConfigFindFont]
dejavuserif_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
dejavuserif_variants [ConfigFindFont]
denominatorStyle [Maths]
det [Geometry.Geo3d]
det [Geometry.Geo2d]
det [Diagrams.Vector]
det22 [Distance]
diagram [Diagrams]
dincr [Maths]
disconnect [DbMemory]
disconnect [Db.DbInterface]
Disconnecting from the database
displayStyle [DefaultMacros]
displaySubst [Euler]
displayname [Document]
dist_boxes [Maths]
distance [Distance]
distance [Diagrams.Point]
distance_cache [Distance]
do_center [Document]
do_clip [Diagrams.Edge]
do_interaction_start_hook [Db]
Run all hooks in Db.interaction_start_hook.
do_ragged_left [Document]
do_ragged_right [Document]
do_record_read [Db]
Run all hooks in Db.read_hook.
do_record_write [Db]
Run all hooks in Db.write_hook.
do_squiggle [Diagrams.Edge]
doc_frame [Box]
doc_graph [Debug]
doc_tags [Document]
dot_prod [Distance]
drag_hook [Diagrams]
draw [Test_offset]
draw [Maths.CustomT]
A custom drawing function for the type t.
draw [Maths]
draw [Document]
Composes boxify and draw_boxes
draw [Diagrams.Curve]
draw_bezier [Test_offset]
draw_boxes [Document]
Typesets boxes on a single line, then converts them to a list of basic drawing elements: RawContent.raw.
drawing [Box]
drawingOfDiagram [Diagrams]
drawing_blit [Box]
dummyData [Db]
Dummy inhabitant of type, which can be used to initialize data structure, but whose content should never be used (calling any member function raises Db.DummyData).

earliest_intersection [Diagrams.Curve]
edge [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edge_3d [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edge_anchor [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edge_anchor_of_edges [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edge_anchor_of_gentities [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_3d [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor_mid [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor_mid_of_edges [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor_mid_of_gentities [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor_of_edges [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
edges_anchor_of_gentities [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
ematrix [DefaultMacros]
emph [Document]
empty [Document]
Empty node (with no child tree).
empty [Diagrams.Edge]
empty_drawing_box [Box]
empty_frame [Box]
env [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
envAlternative [Document]
envApp [Document]
envBold [Document]
envColor [Document]
envFamily [Document]
envItalic [Document]
envMonoFamily [Document]
envScale [Document]
envScaleLead [Document]
envSize [Document]
envSv [Document]
env_accessed [Document]
env_style [Maths]
epsilon [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
eqdist [Distance]
euler [Maths]
euler_font [Maths]
eval [Offset]
eval [Diagrams.Curve]
eval_local [Diagrams.Curve]
evaluate_z [Diagrams.Edge]
evaluate_z_global [Diagrams.Edge]
ex [Diagrams]
example [Offset]
extLink [Document]

family [Document]
fand [Distance]
figure [Document]
file_cache [Verbatim]
fill [Diagrams.Edge]
findFont [ConfigFindFontLeg]
findFont [Maths]
findFont [DefaultMacros]
findFont [ConfigFindFont]
find_distance [Distance]
find_last [Document]
Finds the last node satisfying a given predicate in a document tree.
find_parabola [Distance]
first [Diagrams.Curve]
first_line [Box]
fit [Maths]
fit_on_grid [Verbatim]
fit_on_grid c adds spacing on both sides of the content element c so that its width becomes a multiple of the width of a single character.
fix_asana_delimiters [Maths]
flatten [Document]
"flattens" a document tree to an array of paragraphs, a paragraph being an array of boxes.
float_div [Diagrams.Node]
flushFigure [Document]
fold_left [Box]
fold_left_line [Box]
Calling fold_left_line paragraphs f x0 line computes f (... (f (f (f x0 box0) box1) box2) ...) boxn where box0, box1, box2, … boxn are the boxes which belong to line in its corresponding paragraph paragraphs.(line.paragraph).
follow [Document]
Take a tree zipper and an path represented as a list of integers and move the zipper down the path (i.e.
font [Document]
fontArrowHead [Diagrams.Edge]
fontArrowHeadCurves [Diagrams.Edge]
font_size_ratio [Document]
fortho [Distance]
fraction [Maths]
fraktur [DefaultMacros]
frame [Box]
Creates a new frame with the given top-left and bottom-right corners, appends this frame as a child of the current frame, and moves down to this new frame.
frame_down [Box]
frame_down_last [Box]
frame_page [Box]
frame_top [Box]
frame_up [Box]
frange [Distance]
freesans_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
freesans_variants [ConfigFindFont]
freeserif_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
freeserif_variants [ConfigFindFont]
friends_from_string [Db]
friends_to_string [Db]
ftrue [Distance]
fun_max [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.Arr]

generalRef [Document]
getMainAnchor [Diagrams.Node]
get_index [Euler]
gl_of_str [Document]
Converts a string to a list of glyphs, according to the environment.
global_time [Diagrams.Curve]
glue [Box]
glue_space [Verbatim]
glue_space n corresponds to n spaces from the font.
glyphCache [Box]
Build a box containing one glyph, with a cache.
glyph_of_string [Box]
Build a list of boxes from a string, using stuff from kerning.
glyph_of_uchar [Box]
Build a glyph id from a font and a unicode character.
glyphs [Maths]
go_up [Document]
gradient [Diagrams.Curve]

h_badness [Badness]
half_eq [DefaultMacros]
half_pi [Diagrams]
handle_spaces [Verbatim]
handle_spaces w_to_c line builds a line using the function w_to_c to build words (i.e.
handle_word [Verbatim]
handle_word par w build the contents corresponding to the word w.
hash [Break.OrderedHashableType]
hat [DefaultMacros]
hd_dir [Distance]
hfill [Document]
hspace [Document]
hyphenate [Box]
Build a list of boxes representing a word, while taking care of building an array of possible hyphenations for the word (if any).

id [Document]
image [Document]
in_range [Distance]
in_range' [Distance]
in_range_far [Distance]
includeGraphics [Document]
includeVideo [Document]
include_diagram [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
incr_counter [Document]
init_db [DbMemory]
init_db [Db.DbInterface]
Create the table structure in the database.
init_db [Db]
init_env_hook [Document]
inner_frame [PageLayout]
inter [Distance]
inter [Diagrams.Node]
inter_far [Distance]
interaction_start_hook [Db]
List of functions called when the interactive session starts
internal_restrict [Diagrams.Curve]
intersections [Diagrams.Curve]
intersections_aux [Diagrams.Curve]
inverse [Offset]
is_cramped [Maths]
is_glue [Box]
is_glyph [Box]
Helpful test functions.
is_hyphen [Box]
is_last [Break]
is_node [Document]
Is the node an internal node ?
is_paragraph [Document]
Is the node a paragraph ?
italic [Document]

kappa [Diagrams.Node]
kdraw [Maths]
knuth_h_badness [Box]

label [Document]
labelOn [Diagrams.Edge]
label_anchor [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_anchor [Diagrams.Edge]
label_edge [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edge_anchor [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgea [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgeal [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgear [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgeb [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgebl [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgebr [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgec [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edgel [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
label_edger [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labela [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelal [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelar [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelb [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelbl [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelbr [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labell [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
labelr [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
lang [TypoLanguage]
lang_Default [Verbatim]
lang_OCaml [Verbatim]
lang_PML [Verbatim]
lang_Python [Verbatim]
lang_SML [Verbatim]
last [Maths]
last [Diagrams.Curve]
lastChild [Document]
Move the zipper to point to the child of the pointed node with the higher index.
last_line [Box]
latest_intersection [Diagrams.Curve]
layout_page [Box]
layout_to_dot [Debug]
left [Diagrams.Edge]
length [Diagrams.Curve]
length2 [Distance]
line [Maths]
lineMatrix [DefaultMacros]
lineWidth [Diagrams.Edge]
lineWidth [Diagrams.Node]
line_height [Box]
line_layout [Box]
line_per_line [Verbatim]
line_per_line f lines builds each line of lines using f and display each of them using the verbatim font.
line_to_contents [Verbatim]
linear_length [Diagrams.Curve]
linesAfter [Document]
linesBefore [Document]
lines_eq [Box]
lines_skip [Verbatim]
lines_to_contents [Verbatim]
lines_to_file [Verbatim]
lines_to_file lines fn writes the lines lines to the optional file fn if it is provided.
link [Document]
list_last [Diagrams]
list_split_last_rev [Diagrams]
lmromancaps_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
lmromancaps_variants [ConfigFindFont]
local_time [Diagrams.Curve]
lower_y [Box]
lr_new_page [PageLayout]
lref [Document]

make [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
make [Diagrams.Edge]
make [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
make [Diagrams.Matrix]
make [Diagrams.Node]
makeGlue [Document]
Makes a glue from the unicode character code given in the argument.
make_3d [Diagrams.Edge]
make_boxified [Diagrams.Node]
make_ligature [Document]
make_matrix [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.MakeMatrix]
make_matrix [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.MakeMathMatrix]
make_name [Document]
make_node_array [Diagrams.Matrix]
make_output [Diagrams.Node]
make_page [Box]
make_quadratic [Diagrams.Curve]
make_sessid [Db]
make_simple [Diagrams.Matrix]
make_sqrt [Maths]
make_struct [Document]
make_subst [Euler]
makes [Diagrams.Edge]
makes_3d [Diagrams.Edge]
map [Maths.CustomT]
Lift a function to the type t.
map [Diagrams.Matrix]
map [Diagrams.Curve]
map_paragraphs [Document]
mapi [Diagrams.Matrix]
margin [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
mathSpace [DefaultMacros]
math_env_set [Maths]
Allows to modify the Document.environment in a math formula.
math_matrix [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
math_matrix_full [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
mathbb [DefaultMacros]
mathbf [DefaultMacros]
mathcal [DefaultMacros]
mathrm [DefaultMacros]
mathsText [DefaultMacros]
mathsc [DefaultMacros]
mathsize [DefaultMacros]
matrix [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
matrix [DefaultMacros]
matrixAnchor [Diagrams.Matrix]
matrixBase [Diagrams.Matrix]
matrixCenter [Diagrams.Matrix]
matrixFirstLine [Diagrams.Matrix]
matrixLine [Diagrams.Matrix]
matrixStyle [Maths]
matrix_3d [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
matrix_3d_full [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
matrix_3d_project [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
matrix_full [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
max_list [Diagrams]
max_list_list [Diagrams]
mcolor [Maths]
mediatrice [Distance]
mediatrice_profile [Distance]
mem_compare [Diagrams]
message [TypoLanguage]
mid_points [Diagrams.Node.BB]
middle [Distance]
middle [Diagrams.Point]
minipage [OutputDrawing]
minipage' [OutputDrawing]
minus [Diagrams.Vector]
mk_matrix_anchor [Diagrams.Matrix]
mnot [DefaultMacros]
modTo [Diagrams.Edge]
monoFamily [Document]
msubst [Euler]
multi_glyphs [Maths]

n_go_up [Document]
name [Diagrams.Transfo.Pet]
names [Document]
nat_mod [Diagrams.Node]
nb_beziers [Diagrams.Curve]
near [Distance]
newChildAfter [Document]
Take a zipper (t,cxt) and a tree c and adds c as the last child of the pointed node.
newChildBefore [Document]
Same as Document.newChildAfter but adds the tree as the first child.
newPar [Document]
newStruct [Document]
Adds a new node, just below the last one.
new_page [PageLayout]
next [Distance]
next' [Distance]
next_zipper [Box]
noStroke [Diagrams.Edge]
node [Maths]
node [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
node_width [Diagrams.MakeDiagram.Arr]
nodes_contents [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
nodes_contents [Diagrams.Matrix]
nonscript [Maths]
norm [Geometry.Geo3d]
norm [Geometry.Geo2d]
norm [Distance]
norm [Diagrams.Vector]
norm2 [Geometry.Geo3d]
norm2 [Geometry.Geo2d]
norm2 [Distance]
normal [Complete]
measure paragraphs figures
normalise [Diagrams.Vector]
normalize [Geometry.Geo3d]
normalize [Geometry.Geo2d]
normalize [Distance]
notFirstLine [Document]
notItalic [Document]
notLastLine [Document]
numeratorStyle [Maths]

oDot [DefaultMacros]
oDoubleDot [DefaultMacros]
oHat [DefaultMacros]
oLeftArrow [DefaultMacros]
oRightArrow [DefaultMacros]
od [DefaultMacros]
odd [DefaultMacros]
odiag [DefaultMacros]
of_contents [Diagrams.Curve]
of_gentities [Diagrams.Edge]
of_point_lists [Diagrams.Curve]
of_points [Diagrams.Vector]
oleft [Distance]
oline [DefaultMacros]
one_third [Diagrams]
only_last [Diagrams]
op_limits [Maths]
op_nolimits [Maths]
open_close [Maths]
operator [Maths]
opp [Distance]
opposite [Diagrams]
opt_dir [Distance]
order [Diagrams.Entity]
oright [Distance]
ortho [Distance]
outer_curve [Diagrams.Edge]
outer_points [Diagrams.Node.BB]
output [OutputDrawing]

pageref [Document]
pagesAfter [Document]
pagesBefore [Document]
param_Default [Verbatim]
param_OCaml [Verbatim]
param_PML [Verbatim]
param_Python [Verbatim]
param_SML [Verbatim]
parameters [Document.Format]
parameters [Document]
pass_number [Document]
pat_to_name [ConfigFindFontLeg]
pat_to_name [ConfigFindFont]
path [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
path [Diagrams.Edge]
path_of_curve [Diagrams.Edge]
pi [Diagrams]
pmod_float [Diagrams.Node]
point_lists_of_edge_spec [Diagrams.Edge]
point_lists_of_edge_spec_rec [Diagrams.Edge]
point_lists_of_path_spec [Diagrams.Edge]
points [Diagrams.Node.BB]
polyLine [Diagrams.Edge]
pop_counter [Document]
postprocess_tree [Document.Format]
prev [Document]
print_box [Debug]
print_box_type [Debug]
print_frame_struct [Debug]
print_graph [Break.Make]
print_line [Debug]
print_linef [Debug]
print_link [Debug]
print_marker [Debug]
print_obj [Distance]
print_point_lists [Diagrams.Curve]
print_pt [Distance]
print_pt' [Distance]
print_pt16 [Distance]
print_pto [Distance]
print_st [Distance]
print_text_line [Debug]
profile_union [Distance]
proj [Diagrams.Point]
proj' [Diagrams.Point]
project [Proj3d]
project [Distance]
push [Distance]
push_counter [Document]
put_forth [Diagrams.Edge]

raw [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
raw_edge [Diagrams.Edge]
ray_intersect [Diagrams.Node]
read_cache [Distance]
read_hook [Db]
Hooks called when some data is being read from a database
record [Db]
record_read [Db]
record_write [Db]
register [Diagrams.Transfo.Pet]
renverse [Distance]
reset_counters [Document]
Resets all the counters, preserving their levels.
resize [Box]
resize_drawing [Box]
restrict [Diagrams.Edge]
restrict [Diagrams.Curve]
rev [Offset]
right [Diagrams.Edge]
roman [Numerals]
rot [Proj3d]
rot_y30d [Proj3d]
rot_y30g [Proj3d]
rot_y45d [Proj3d]
rot_y45g [Proj3d]
rotate [Diagrams.Curve]
rotate [Diagrams.Vector]
rotate_180 [Distance]
rotate_270 [Distance]
rotate_90 [Distance]

sc [Document]
scal_mul [Diagrams.Vector]
scal_prod [Diagrams.Node]
scale [Document]
scaleLead [Document]
scale_env [Diagrams]
scriptStyle [Maths]
secret [Db]
sector [Diagrams.Vector]
sectref [Document]
segment_profile [Distance]
selectFont [Document]
sessid [Db]
setStyle [DefaultMacros]
set_parameters [Document]
set_style [Maths]
shortenE [Diagrams.Edge]
shortenS [Diagrams.Edge]
simpleFamilyMember [Document]
singleton [Document]
Build a node with a single child tree.
size [Document]
solve22 [Distance]
solve22' [Distance]
spit_stack [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
spit_stack_with_intersections [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
split2 [Diagrams.Curve]
sprint_linef [TypoLanguage]
sprint_linef [Debug]
sprod [Distance]
sqrt [Maths]
sqrts [Maths]
stack [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
states [Document]
stop_record [Db]
stop_record_read [Db]
stop_record_write [Db]
string_coding [Db]
Strings coding, which ony uses base64 escaping.
string_of_contents [Document]
structure [Document.DocumentStructure]
style [Maths]
styles [Euler]
subStyle [Maths]
subst [Euler]
subst_index [Euler]
superStyle [Maths]
swap [Diagrams]
swap_min [Distance]
symbol [Verbatim]
symbol s build a mathematical symbole from the string s.
symbol [Maths]

tT [Document]
t_margin [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
tabular [Diagrams.MakeDiagram]
tag [Document]
Adds a tag to the given structure.
tags [Document]
texgyrecursor_variants [ConfigFindFontLeg]
texgyrecursor_variants [ConfigFindFont]
text_line [Box]
title [Document.Format]
to_contents [Diagrams.Entity]
to_contents [Diagrams.Edge]
to_contents [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
to_contents [Diagrams.Matrix]
to_contents [Diagrams.Node]
to_deg [Diagrams]
to_gentity [Diagrams.Edge]
to_gentity [Diagrams.Node]
to_point [Test_offset]
to_rad [Diagrams]
to_raw_list [Diagrams.Entity]
toggleItalic [Document]
top [Document]
Move the zipper to the root of the tree
transfo [Diagrams.Node]
transform [Diagrams.Edge]
transform [Diagrams.Transfo]
transform_matrix [Diagrams.Matrix3d]
transform_matrix [Diagrams.Matrix]
translate [Diagrams.Matrix]
translate [Diagrams.Node.BB]
translate [Diagrams.Node]
translate [Diagrams.Curve]
translate [Diagrams.Vector]
translate [Diagrams]
translate [Box]
translate_profile [Distance]
triangle [Diagrams.Node]
turn_left [Diagrams.Vector]
turn_right [Diagrams.Vector]
twocols [Box]
typeset [Break.Make]

uB [Document]
uT [Document]
unit [Diagrams.Vector]
up [Document]
Function that takes a tree zipper (t,cxt) pointing to some node t and returns a zipper pointing to the father node of t.
up_n [Document]
Function that applies Document.up n times on a zipper, effectively moving the zipper to the n-th ancestor of the currently pointed node.
updateFont [Document]
update_names [Document]
Label updating after optimization.
upper_y [Box]
uselessLine [Box]
user_positions [Document]

v_badness [Badness]
vec [DefaultMacros]
verb [Document]
verbEnv [Document]
verb_OCaml [Verbatim]
verb_PML [Verbatim]
verb_Python [Verbatim]
verb_SML [Verbatim]
verb_text [Verbatim]
verb_text build s builds verbatim contents from a string s and a generation function build.
video [Document]
vkern_as [Box]
vkern_center [Box]
vkern_percent_under [Box]
vkern_percent_under' [Box]
vkern_translate [Box]
vspaceAfter [Document]
vspaceBefore [Document]

write_cache [Distance]
write_hook [Db]
Hooks called when some data is being written to a database

xarrow [Diagrams]
xot [Diagrams]
xto [Diagrams]